Development of wells by jet pumps

Along with the technologies applied by the GPS company on chemical processing of wells, also our company widely uses the equipment with providing the accompanying engineering support included in technological works at cattle and Development, one of which is jet devices (pumps). The use of jet devices allows to carry out:

  • Full range of well testing in one SPO, even with acid treatment.
  • Impact on the bottomhole zone multiple instant depression and repression.
  • Acid treatment of bottom-hole zone with removal of reaction products.
  • Well closure at the bottom of the hole allows to reduce the time to conduct GDI and improve the accuracy of the reservoir FES by minimizing the impact of the wellbore.
  • Call flow can create a managed depression of any magnitude.
  • Purification of the PPP from the products of the penetration of drilling fluids and cement.
  • The ability to combine operations to call the inflow to the bottom of the standard measurement methods of PGI.
  • Evaluation of the mining capabilities of the tested objects, and the study of the nature of the formation.
  • The jet pump is currently the only way to instantly create, continuously maintain, regulate depression and induce inflow.

The use of retrievable (using cable technology) check valves makes it possible to evaluate the production capabilities of the test formation before lifting, and in some cases and instead of lifting the layout to decide on further measures (SCR, QR with removal of reaction products, fracturing, pump selection, etc.) produced in the well.

The use of retrievable (using cable technology) and injected check valves allows the acid treatment of the formation, with the assembly down, both before development and during the development of the well.

The use of complex, two-packer, assemblies allows testing, and in combination with recoverable and injected check valves, and selective treatment of a particular formation in wells where two or more layers are exploited.

The use of compact layouts allows the jet pump to be launched as close as possible to the formation in wells whose design implies a significant reduction in the flow diameter of the production string to the reservoir in use.