Enhanced oil recovery

The leading direction of the GPS Company in the field of rendering services in increase of oil recovery (PNP), and also intensification of oil production (IDN). The main task is the use of modern scientific and technical methods of impact on the bottomhole formation zone, using the methods of chemical action on the formation with solutions based on polymer and acid compositions. The input control of applied acid compositions is carried out in our own laboratory, and changes in the composition are made taking into account the specific geological and technological conditions. The GPS company carries out all works independently, applying both public, and the innovative technologies of influence on low-permeability collectors, own equipment and special equipment. It allows to carry out a wide range of actions on secondary influence on layer where the purpose-increase of its productivity:

  • the injection of crosslinked polymer systems in injection wells, regulated flooding heterogeneous reservoirs;
  • treatment of bottom-hole formation zone with demulsifiers;
  • injection of thickened water, saw edges, and other various compositions;
  • flushing of the face, restoring pickups magnetically wells;
  • resumption of circulation in wells by washing electric submersible pumps with acid compositions.